What is YOUR Story?
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What is YOUR Story?

This weekend at the Hey Gorgeous exhibition a gentleman walked up to my stall and asked, “So, what’s your story? How and why did you come to being a Coach and a Reiki Master?”

I proceeded to recount my journey to him… “I got attuned 21 years ago, my life dramatically changed for the better, doors opened, amazing opportunities and wonderful people came in to my life and I was floating and been floating since…”. Pause. Lots more in between then, “I moved to the U.K. 15 years ago and just knew that I wanted to help and empower people, I knew I wanted to bring happiness and peace in people’s hearts….” and then I stopped and said, “THIS is my STORY. THIS. I am here today doing just that. I am living my story.”.

I had this sudden realization that hey, this is my story. I’m here and doing. I got bored of listening to my journey and how I got here! Yes the journey and the experience is what makes you who you are and you do what you’re doing as a result whether consciously or sub-consciously but what REALLY matters is that you’re living it as you’re writing it. You’re writing it as you’re living it. It’s HERE and NOW. You’re story is in the PRESENT.

The conversation with the gentleman and my internal dialogue woke me up and got me so much more excited about MY STORY. The thrill of realising I am writing it and living it simultaneously and it’s NOW. Every moment, every day I am adding to it. I create it as I go. I flow with the force of nature and allow it to guide me. MY STORY is a canvas that’s MINE. I am free to use an medium on it, free to decide what goes on it, free to made changes as I paint. No boundaries. No restrictions. No pre-conditioning. Just pure surrender.

What is YOUR Story? Are you internally repeating a dialogue of your past? Are you witnessing the transitions and where you’re at today? Are you focussed on where you’re going tomorrow and writing that story? Are you controlling it or you being led by it? Do you know that you can proofread and edit as you go along? You can add, enhance and be as creative as you want with it. Open up your heart and your mind. Trust life. Trust nature. Trust your inner-voice. It will always be true to you and who you are authentically.

What is YOUR Story?

In Love, Light & Inspiration


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