The World is a book
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The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page…St. Augustine

Does traveling help you become a better you?

Travel is powerful! Travelling can be life-changing as upon your return from a journey, whether it’s in the same country or abroad, you often return with a new appreciation for the world around you. Travelling creates a deeper sense of gratitude for your life and the beautiful world that you live in. Just imagine your life living in a rain forest with just a single species of bird, flower or life around you day in day out for years! Traveling can make you see the world differently and not be judgmental about different culture and traditions. You learn not to stereotype people and their life style and experience the similarity and differences that every place and practice has to offer.

Here are some of the common benefits of travel the globe.

1. Learn patience –Travelling will make you step out of your comfort zone; delayed flights or trains, queuing up for attraction visits or waiting for your turn at the buffet bar or trying new cuisine, all these small facts of travelling can make you think outside your usual comfort zone at home. You are one of the many travellers experiencing the difference which help you build up your tolerance level.

2. Improve your relationship – Whether you are traveling as a family or a couple, sometime the stress of travelling – airport chaos, packing, going through airport security and passport control queues etc. – helps you find a way to handle different challenges more effectively. It makes you feel protective towards your family or partner and bring out a more caring you when in strange environment. New experiences stimulate your mind and allow you to learn new skills to think about challenges and daily issues differently. You start appreciating your values and your relationship to others and focus on what really matters in life. You’ll stop worrying so much about yourself and start focusing on the people you are with and places around you and the different ways of life. You soon realize that we have quite a few similarities around the world.

3. Make new friends – Being away from home and usual circle of friends’ offers opportunities of making new friends and broaden your social circle internationally. Surrounded by strangers you can end up making friends even in the most unlikely of places, such as by the hotel pool or day trips & excursions. Even a shy introvert at times find it easy to break a conversation with someone new to his daily nature. Smiling and talking to random strangers on the bus or in queues brings you out of your social bubble and you actively participate in the surroundings you are in. Once you have embraced holiday friendship; it opens a whole new world of growth.

4. Change your perspective – We all are biased at time in our perspective of life, including different cultures. Visiting a new place and meeting new people can give an inner understanding of different cultural habits and practices. You become well informed and give yourselves an opportunity to embrace humanity with an open mind. Sharing of thoughts, ideas and knowledge happens when people from across the world meet together.

5. Adapt to change – The only constant being change. In life we tend to stick to a routine, such as hot running water at home whereas in some countries they still don’t have clean drinking water. It becomes easier to learn to be flexible as you get to appreciate your blessings and limitations and start showing more tolerance to situations which you cannot control.

6. Appreciate more – Being out of your usual daily comfort zone of home, you get to experience and see how the rest of the world lives and generate deeper appreciation for your own. Opening your eyes to how other people live provides a small glimpse into their daily challenges and way of life. Travelling creates a better understanding of the human race and life style. You learn to live in harmony with yourselves and the world around you when you start to compare and realize how fortunate you are having so many comforts and luxuries at home as granted when you see others not being so fortunate yet content.

The more you travel, the more you will grow as an intellect person and get to know yourself better. If you wish for continuous growth as an individual, never stop exploring new travel experiences.

Let me tailor-make your next travel experience!

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