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By Stephen Sullivan | June 19, 2019 | Leave A Comment

What's this all about?

This article was added manually as a standard user for testing purposes; Any user who has signed up and confirmed their e-mail address (via the link emailed to them as a part of the sign up process) can create an article.

Publishing Articles

Before articles are fully published, an administrator will need to moderate the article and set whatever categories are needed; The user can set the categories, but an administrator will likely remove any references to the special "Featured" categories when they moderate the listing.

How do Articles work?

Articles are not a part of the main directory; instead they are standard WordPress "Posts". This allows for the full usage of Wordpress' editing features, which is more appropriate than the facilities provided for the directory - While both allow you to add images and rich text, the directory listings enforce a specific structure so that all listings are displayed equally and nobody gets an unfair advantage; this is not needed for articles, so there is less restriction on what can be added.

Articles also have a much simpler search function, as provided by Wordpress, because the extra tag-based search functionality of the listings is not required either. That's why there are two separate pages for a listing or article search.

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